Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Been So Long Since Anyone's Posted!

Where is everyone? People write and say they're excited about contributing, but then they don't post. :(

I've been reading and writing a lot for a job, and haven't had much time for reading for pleasure. The job wraps up in October, though, so I will definitely finish Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry and Dicey's Song and the eight or so other Newbery winners I still haven't read yet at some point after that.

Meanwhile, here's an issue that has come up frequently here (and specifically mentions Dr. Dolittle):

What to Do About Classic Children's Books That Are Racist

And if you're interested in getting a jump on the Newbery winner for 2010 (my vote is already cast for A Conspiracy of Kings, whether it's the best choice or not. I love that series so much I can't be an impartial judge), the Heavy Medal blog is up and running again.

Boy, it is really annoying that when you Google "Heavy Medal Newbery" they automatically switch your search term to "heavy metal Newbery".


Amanda (the librarian) said...

Sandy, I've been very bad too. I've listened to audiobooks for about five winners but have not yet written reviews. Just got another audiobook and will be listening to that shortly.

And thanks also for the great links in this post to the Dr. Dolittle issue!

Linda said...

I've written only a few reviews but have a pile of books I've already read. I will get back here to post something again - one of these days. Hopefully soon! Thanks for the wake-up call!