Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Midwife's Apprentice

Beetle found in a dung heap has but one way to go.
Upward, Onward, only her true heart will show.
Lessons abound for her soul and mind,
and she learns them well, leaving the dung heap behind.

The Midwife's Apprenctice has depth with insight to the medieval era and driving home the fact that if one persists through hard times in life, it is possible to overcome hardships.  Karen Cushman's book is not "cushy".  It is written with matter-of-fact life's difficulties and hard times.  From Brat and Beetle and clear through to birthing, Karen Cushman brings the story to a conclusion of a young woman gaining confidence and a growing sense of inner worth topped off with a compassionate heart for others.

Life's not always kind, but Alyce learns she likes the life around her and assisting with life being brought into the world.

I loved the book, yet maybe not so much for really young readers.  One for the shelf till they can understand the ways of birthing!

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