Friday, March 2, 2007

Susan Patron's Response to Controversy

The American Library Association's Newsletter, like the front page of the New York Times, and many other news sources devoted some space to The Higher Power of Lucky. They directed readers to the author's discussion of her work and "the" word causing all of the trouble. The article is from the Los Angeles Times. The first time I clicked, I was directed to the article. When I went back, I had to do a free registration. I loved her explanation.

Article: 'Scrotum' as a children's literary tool

We have ordered the book, and it cannot get here soon enough to suit me!


Sandy D. said...

What a nice article that was by Susan Patron! I loved this paragraph:

"Oh yes, we librarians are driven when it comes to reading. We entice kids with computer centers, reading incentives and free programs — magicians, storytellers and living, breathing authors. Once we have the children in our clutches, we cannot rest until they've joined the Summer Reading Club, registered for a library card and found some books we hope they'll love. We are relentless in this passionate goal of connecting kids with books."

Betsy said...

GREAT article! It takes the focus off the controversial word and shines a spotlight on her passion for reading and writing...makes me want to order a copy right now!