Tuesday, September 11, 2007

William Blake’s Inn 1982

This was one of the first Newbery winners I wanted to get hold of. I loved the idea of reading this book but was disappointed. It seems to me that it is a book written with a view to adults enjoying it. I wondered if there is an element of the time in which it was written. I am certain my young children would not have been at all captivated by this book in the 1980s. The illustrations were interesting but again not, in my opinion aimed at young readers. I worked hard to re read the rhymes and look more carefully at the illustrations but sadly came to the conclusion that this is not a book I would recommend.


Linda Martin said...

I've never read this one, but hope to, eventually. I'm not much into reading poetry so am not sure I'd like it much better than you did.

Alicia said...

It makes you wonder how the committee selects its recipients, doesn't it? Can this really be the best of children's literature for that year?!! I wonder if it's all politicized like I've heard the writing awards (e.g. PEN/Faulkner) are?

Juliette said...

Alicia I really do agree. My twins were born in 1980 and up till then I was a primary school teacher so I knew the wealth of childrens' books that existed - it is very starnge. I just rejoice in all the really good quality books that werea nd continue to be available for young people.
Have you read this one?

Anonymous said...

well... this wonderful book absorbed my children (boys), who pulled it out more often than almost any other and asked for it to be read countless times